Agile Café Code of Ethics


The Essence

The essence of The Agile Café is the open exchange of ideas, deep learning, pattern recognition, transformation, experimental initiatives, and practices. This requires the freedom from any concern from degrading one’s competitive advantage through the loss of knowledge or personnel to others.


All Agile Café activities will encourage learning and will not include, or reasonably appear to include conflict between the personal interests of cohort participants, and their member organizations. Such activities preclude the participation of companies and organizations that cause discomfort to members around competitive or other reasons. 

Participation in an Agile Café Cohort takes place on a first-come first-served basis. At the forming of a cohort prospective participants can decline the admission of any other Cohort participant if they are “uncomfortable” with their presence as a potential competitor. Participants determine themselves who is a competitor and whether there is an issue.


Participants in a cohort and their member organizations recognize that any information that is revealed in discussing a member’s practices may eventually become public.

Mutual trust implies that any reports will be cleared with a member organization to the extent that such reports make statements about a participant or their member organization. 

No Solicitation

As people are the key resources of member organizations, The Agile Café places emphasis on providing learning and growing opportunities for each member’s participant. The commitment to integrity will ensure that no member will recruit or encourage the departure of personnel from a member through such opportunities and exposure.

Participants will also refrain from selling services to others during their term of their Cohort.

Issue Resolution

If any member encounters a possible deviation from the spirit or the letter of the Code of Ethics, that member will share the matter with the facilitators of the Agile Café who will ensure speedy resolution. In all such issues, what is deemed right by the members of The Agile Café will prevail.